Starbucks Pink Drink at home SUMMER HACK!

Bookmark this one I promise it will be on repeat and a kid fave also! *Pro tip: this is a fave of mine for breastfeeding as the coconut milk is super hydrating and many mamas say it helps boost supply 🙌🏼⁣


  • Ice ⁣
  • Freeze dried strawberries ⁣
  • Unsweetened Coconut milk⁣
  • 1 packet very berry hibiscus instant refresher packet ⁣
  • Tazo iced passion herbal tea concentrate ⁣


  • Fill a pitcher up with 16oz cold water pour one packet instant refresher mix to combine.
  • Add in 1c. Tazo iced passion tea and mix well. ⁣
  • Fill a cup halfway with ice pour tea mixture to fill half way up the cup add in 5-8 strawberries ( I use freeze dried can use fresh or frozen) top it up with coconut milk and bam!

*If you want more sweetness add a pump of classic syrup or a little agave syrup. ⁣

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