Life Thoughts at the End of 2019

All photography credit for this post: @slightly.greyy

I’ve been quiet in the blog and newsletter homefront; To be completely honest, this mama was in a season of overwhelm and I had to regroup my priorities. You all are like my second family and, I never want to neglect anyone, but my kids and my health had to take a bit of priority. I did my best to show up on the good ol’ Gram while I took a little sabbatical from my weekly “Hellos” over here and in email land.

The biggest takeaway from digging into self care and needing to take some of my own health issues on has been,

We only get one chance to live this life, and if you are not putting your goals and the things you really truly want at the top of your daily priority list, SOMETHINGS gotta change babe.

Big aha moment for me was that I preach self care and help take on so many womens struggles each day that I somehow forgot about my own for a minute. Sure, I was going through the motions- eating fairly healthy, doing my workouts, but there were parts where my tank was just completely empty and areas of struggle I just kept putting off because it was uncomfortable and I was scared of what the outcomes might be. I have tried to take you along for some of it in my instagram stories to hopefully encourage a few of you to take the plunge and be your own voice and own advocate of your health. 

 I knew the second I started as a coach on my own health and wellness journey I wasn’t just “trying it out”. This was a solid, I am DOING this thing – for myself, for my family, for the opportunity I see it can provide, and it has stayed at the top of my to do each and everyday for the past 5.5 years. Through hard relationship times, through pregnancy, and other health related incidents, through times of major anxiety and depression, one thing has always shown up and been present: my desire to MAKE choices no matter how small each day to move my life in a positive direction.

I knew I needed this community to show up for myself because at times that factor of doing it for others and having an outside source of accountability is what it takes to keep going. At the end of the day it has built me into a person I am so freaking in love with and proud of, and I would’ve never been able to say that before this opportunity. 

So as we go through this holiday season, I keep coming back to one thought. I not only want to impact each and every one of you babes in your life to help encourage you in your health and fitness goals; I want to continue to build a legacy for my family, for the causes I so badly want to be a part of supporting. I want to make an actual impact and change so many peoples lives in more ways than what a workout can do.

The choice of doing the day to day “work” can seem so mundane. The years of plugging in and chipping away at those HUGE goals can seem damn near impossible. But, stepping back and taking a look at the story I have been writing and creating I can start to see so many freaking amazing things and it blows me away by the impact starting to take place. I am so beyond blessed to have each and everyone of you in this space to have as friends – without you all this community wouldn’t even be a thing, so thank you.

I see that before 30 years on this earth – I was able to accomplish building an epic business using the internet to encourage and change other babes lives! Without any schooling, no special training, I had google & youtube, and my $160 investment in some workout dvds to work on my post partum “mom bod”. I was able to craft a vision and turn that into something that has given my now 3 daughters both of their parents, present each and every day in ways I never thought possible.

I am so freaking grateful for this year with the ups and downs, the things I have had to personally face head on that I thought were buried so deep, wounds have been healed, relationships strengthened, and the fire in my soul is only growing bigger to a scale of helping mentor even more incredible women build their ultimate dream life. 

To each of you this season of gifting and merry chaos, remember who you are, remember that shiny objects can be fun but try and craft a vision of what you truly want in your life. Are the things your doing daily aligning with that vision and getting you closer to it ? If not start eliminating those things and start prioritizing to the top actions and steps that will create that momentum toward what you really truly want sis.
Much love this Holiday season!

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