How to Start Living The Life of Your Dreams!

You will never have it all “figured out”.

Lemme ask you something. Have you been holding off doing something because of any one of these things your telling yourself:

  • I will do it when I have more time
  •  If I could just have the right body then I would do that thing
  • When the kids are in/out of school
  • The hours at my job are nuts right now sooo..
  • I cant afford that
  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t know the first thing about it so…
  • Ive never been good at _____
  • I can’t because she is doing it way better
  • I suck at sales
  • I am grateful for what we have so wanting more is selfish


I am going to tell you right now it has nothing to do with a GPA or their level of intelligence, and it most certainly does not have to do with them having all the answers and perfect timing. The difference is they were willing to look more stupid than most, willing to take messy action before having everything perfect, willing to let their first attempts be complete utter failures to learn from.

Success comes from the energy of committing to trying and doing it regardless of it being perfect and despite not knowing the outcome.

The only reason I have had the success in my health, fitness, and business is because I turned my desire for change into concrete levels of choice daily. I chose to plug in a bit more not into reading more, not into watching more of others doing awesome things, but me, myself DOING and practicing what I wanted to have success in!

What is that one thing for you ? If you are saying you want to do it someday


Dig in, and ask yourself is the life I am living this year the exact life I want next year, in 2 heck even 5 years from now ? If the answer is HECK NO, then stop leaning into the excuses of circumstances around you and embrace the fact that things are going to have to shift, priorities are going to need to change!

Dig in, and ask yourself is the life I am living this year the exact life I want next year, in 2 heck even 5 years from now ? If the answer is HECK NO, then stop leaning into the excuses of circumstances around you and embrace the fact that things are going to have to shift, priorities are going to need to change!

Here’s how a few things I did to go from OKAY / GOOD to  living the life of my dreams that is GREAT AND MORE THAN WHAT I EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE: 


I mean it babe I tracked when I ate, when I peed, when I was on my phone watching a braid tutorial, I tracked car time, scroll time, netflix, you name it – I WROTE IT DOWN.

Do this for a week. I DARE you, get super honest with yourself, if you talk on the phone with your mom write it down, if you scroll and watch your fave blogger in her stories write it down and be specific of how much TIME you spent on the activity.

Example: I woke 5 am, made coffee and  scrolled IG, checked email  for 14 min, brushed teeth did my hair / makeup/ showered  38 min, commute to work ( listened to radio ) 22 minsat at desk to work, scrolled IG,  emails, board meeting, texted a friend 3 hours, went pee, scrolled social media 5 min, lunch break drove to Subway got a sandwich ate while scrolling Instagram 35 min, got home and changed, looking at phone turned on tv, checked fridge for snack, loaded some laundry 50 min…


So many of these things you’re doing daily can be reorganized and revamped by importance. For example that netflix show everyone is talking about, isnt’ a PRIORITY over that 30 min workout if you actually WANT to lose that weight, or that STARBUCKS pumpkin spice latte isn’t a necessary purchase when you say you “can’t afford” healthy food to change your diet.

Let me be clear, this is for babes whose needs are being met but for the girl who is finding reasons why she “can’t” do something. I am here to show evidence that we in fact have every ounce of power to CHOOSE how our life unfolds regardless of circumstances around us outside of our control. 


This might be, the book you want to write, that trip you want to go on, the biz you want to start, maybe it’s a career change, or getting out of a bad relationship. For health related goals be specific, lose X lbs this year, work on my self care in areas of confidence and mindset, improve the way I think about myself, quit smoking etc….this will look different for some but at the end of the day until you know what you want it is hard to then put action into daily behaviors to get you there. 


It is time to take ownership of the thing you want most! Pick one thing on your list. If you try to attack the entire list you will burn out overwhelm and it wont work PROMISE YOU. What would literally just light you up if in one year from today that thing on your list was actually REALITY

There is an exception of course, like within my biz it encourages and is related to so many areas on my I WANT TO list that it does sub category the other things I want to work on (like I wanted a side biz but also had self confidence and health issues so I found a biz that supported me in working on those) but top of my list was CREATE WEALTH FOR MY FAMILY WHILE HAVING TIME FREEDOM. I found a biz to do just that. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about what I do!

I had to get real clear of what I wanted MOST in LIFE, not in the MOMENT. I sacrificed date nights, tv time, sleep at certain points, I didn’t go out with friends on the weekends I worked my butt off on that goal I wanted MOST. I didn’t sit around hoping things were going to change in the retail job I was stuck at, I chose to dig into action that would make my reality different than what it was.


From your daily time exercise above, utilize what you wrote down to see where you are putting your time and where you can find you’re doing things that aren’t serving your WANT item. Dive into planning into your week with the WANT over what your current priorities have been.

If it is taking a trip, spending money weekly on Starbucks can be put into that “Hawaii Fund” , if its losing/ gaining  weight – spend that 30 minutes or an 1hr that your netflix and chilling or scrolling watching babes on social media and plug into a 20-30 min at home workout. Take a day out of your week to prep healthier foods instead of grabbing quick on the go things while at work. Need a plan? I GOTCHA GIRL check out my October accountability group kicking off HERE!

I would love to hear what areas you “found time” and what item on your list you are going to start crushing in your daily routine! Tag me on the gram on your post or stories using our community hashtag #BABESWITHMUGS and #BLUSHINGCONFIDENCE and of course tag me @blushingconfidence so I can support and love on you in this process of this new journey!!!! 

If this resonated with you please share to your fb, or tag me in stories to let me know you enjoyed it, and found this particular post helpful! Seriously there is no better way to show than a quick shoutout so I can personally thank you for reading and checking out my blog! Of course drop a comment if you have any questions or if this resonated with you! 

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