My morning routine to take yourself from SURVIVE to THRIVE!

I am obsessed with ROUTINE and habits that help me thrive. I haven’t always been the best at GOOD habits so as I find more and more time to invest in my lifestyle that I know I Deserve, creating tiny changes to my day have helped immensely in the big picture of where I want to be and who I want to become.
I know life can get hectic, with kids, jobs, responsibilities, so I hope these few daily behaviors blended into your morning will help you find some balance in achieving the things you want babe.
I started out very simple about 4 years ago as a new mama, struggling with the balance of kiddo and a full time demanding job in retail management. The tiniest tweaks to a good solid start to my day help in productivity in that situation and now in my 3 kiddos, activities, and growing a thriving business from home more flexible lifestyle.
everyone has different goals and I know your routine may look a little different but I do believe that these 3 steps can help no matter what your current schedule looks like or how much time you have to to implement.

1. WAKE AND HYDRATE. So many of us are LACKING WATER, I know it seems like such a simple thing but trust me, this is coming from someone who downed a pot of coffee before heading to work, groggily driving through Starbucks, and then proceeding to work an 8 hour shift or more without a drop of h2o. I fill a 20 ounce container and set by my bed so that when I wake it can be the very first thing I do, Alarm goes off, I can grab that bad boy and chug it down to wake my body and brain up to engage in PRODUCTIVITY MODE right away. Such a small step makes a world of difference in my energy level and mood as I start the day. I use THIS JUG and absolutely love how visually pleasing to the eye it is, I am def one for aesthetics and this just looks so cute on my bathroom sink or nightstand. CHUG CHUG and tag me on the gram #babeswhohydrate @blushingconfidence so I can see you rocking this new bedside behavior.

2. GRATITUDE. I believe a heart of gratitude and setting your vision on the things you have in life is a HUGE part of the reason I have been able to  grow into the confident, successful mama that I am today. DAILY practice of gratitude allow you to confirm that things in your life ARE good even when things within the day, week, or month can seem to be going wrong.You can use a planner, a cute little notebook, heck even sticky notes. and just write down a quick list of 3-5 things you are grateful for, there are no rules and it doesn’t matter what they are! Doing this helps you start the day positively and have a more clear head of what you do have in your life, and will help you look for things in your day to be grateful for vs focusing on whats going wrong.I find the more specific your list the better i.e. your man making tacos for dinner, the perfect spicy margarita, getting to drink your coffee hot, the fresh vacuumed carpet lines on the living room floor!

3. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENTI tend to get in my own head about things happening in the world, the news, social media, ugh there is always a negative vibe swirling and if we aren’t careful it can really take over your mindset.  I use a daily journal going through this one at the moment. I love controlling what I Consume and by turning on a podcast, diving into devotional, or reading for 15 min, charges my brain with a swift shift on how I go into my day.This can be something implemented so easily when your showering pop on a podcast, when going on a morning walk with your pup listening to an audio book, or on your drive to work, heck even turning it on while cleaning or doing that weekend meal prep babe! 


THE ANGIE LEE SHOW  by Angie Lee – When you need a kick in the pants and biz mentorship.

 EMPOWER HER by Kacia Fitzgerald – When you need motivation and inspo as a busy babe in her mid 20-30s.

RISE Podcast by Rachel Hollis – Full of life hacks and empowerment!


Everything is Figureoutable – For when you’re struggling with your own doubts and holding yourself back due to lack of KNOWING.

The Energy Bus – For when you’re needing to change habits or perception when you tend to find blame in others around you for where your life is.

Love Warrior – For my babes who struggle specifically with eating disorder, and need for self discovery.

I want to continue sharing my tiny tidbits for routine and habits that help you thrive, and I definitely have more than three, but I do believe that by intentionally starting your day, even if that means setting the alarm for 10 min earlier to start rocking these as HABIT, before anything else you can start to create a huge SHIFT in your life.

I would love to hear your morning routine or things you implement in your MORNING, what is something you always do or MUST start your day with ? 
Share with me on IG stories using  #blushingconfidence  and tagging me @blushingconfidence so I can see all your creative fun ideas and share with others.

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